Bay of Fires Wine – Premium Quality Assured

Tasmania is a land providing the perfect cool climate and condition for vineyards. Here, was the future of cool climate wines which were foreseen by the founders of Bay of Fires. With a team of people who were driven by sheer passion, along with greatest perfection, Bay of Fires Wine was produced. The aim was simple, to craft wines which would leave one with the perfect satisfaction, making you want more with the singular Tasmanian taste in it. To provide one such wine, constant work was done, without any compromise on the quality of the product at any stage.

Bay of Fires Wine
Bay of Fires Wine

Tasmania provides the required climate for vineyards with mild summers and long autumn days that helps in the ripening of grapes giving them intensity in flavour. The cool climate is favourable to the vineyard, but the complications lies in the lesser sunlight available and greater variation in the geological and climatic characteristics of the region. For handling such complications, latest methodologies in the field of Viticulture are used under the supervision of knowledgeable team members, who have years of expertise in the industry. The team members ensure that the characteristics of each Bay of Fires wineis preserved.

In each Bay of Fires wine, close attention is paid to quality. The quality of grapes is the most important factor in determining the quality of wine. The grapes can be harvested mechanically or by hand. But, here, each bunch of grapes is handpicked from the best vineyards discarding the inferior grapes in the process. Crushing and primary fermentation is followed under expert supervision. The wines are transferred to the finest oaks and the oak aroma is naturally imparted to the wine. Whether the ageing of wine is done in tanks or barrels, tests are performed regularly to check the status of the wine. Thus the end result comes with assurance of premium standard. From Table wines to sparkling wines to Pinot Noir, all the elegant cool climate wines are produced here. The sparkling wines and Pinot Noir produced here have won high praise and are now internationally acclaimed for their singular taste. Award for “Best 5 star rated winery” speaks volumes of the standard of Bay of Fireswines.

The Cellar Door is one of the main attractions of Bay of Fires. Plenty of options are available for visitors coupled with the amicable staff members who have deep knowledge about vines, vineyard and the local territory. The staff members are warm, creative and resourceful in selecting the best wines as per your choice and are enthusiastic to guide you through your tasting experience. Bay of Fires Cellar Door is awarded with “Star Cellar Door” by Gourmet Traveller Magazine and the award is testimony to the staff’s efficiency.

Buy Bay of Fires wine with an assurance that the wine is one of the finest quality available in the country with precision taken in every step of the process, under the guidance of experts and will provide a taste which will have high intensity and Tasmanian flavour.

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