Is Facial Massage Better Than Botox?

Massage therapy offers several wonderful benefits to your mind and body. Hence, it is recommended that you undergo regular massage treatment to enjoy these benefits. Facial massage, to be specific, is emerging as one of the most sought after services in modern spa facilities. How is it so? According to experts, a facial massage is more than just relaxing – it can exfoliate and cleanse your skin to make it younger looking. Make sure to ask for a facial when you visit Kahuna massage New Farm facility.

Kahuna Massage New Farm

Is it true that the benefits of getting the best facial in Brisbane are better than botox? Find out the facts here:

Healthy Glow to Skin

A facial massage helps to liven up your skin. When you are stressed out, the muscles around your face become stressed too. This is how fine lines and wrinkles form. By swirling and stroking the muscles around the face, it awakens your muscles and promotes blood circulation to the area. In the process, harmful toxins on the skin (around the eyes, cheeks and brows) are released too. The presence of fresh and red blood cells around the face helps to give it that natural pinkish glow to your skin.

Slow Down Skin Aging

Are you concerned about your skin sagging or wrinkle formation? Slow down the formation of fine lines on your face by undergoing regular facial massage. Aside from improving the blood flow circulation on your facial skin, it also relieves tension off of your skin. This will make skin less prone to sag over time and also eliminate any fine lines that might be starting to show. Any sign of fine lines that have accumulated over the years can also be addressed by a facial massage. Therefore, this is a great complementary treatment when you are using anti-aging creams and other similar products.

Detoxify Skin and Body

The massaging action on the face helps to stimulate the lymphatic vessels in the facial area. The lymphatic system plays a vital role in maintaining overall health. It facilitates in releasing toxins from the body to keep them from entering your bloodstream. Hence, it is just one more reason to visit your Kahuna massage New Farm facility for a session.

Improves Your Mood

This is one more evident advantage that facial massage has over botox – it improves your mental and emotional well being. When you are in a negative or exhausted mood, a massage can provide instant relief and lift in your mood. A relaxing facial massage can also release stress and anxiety. This is true for a single therapy session; hence, imagine the benefits of undergoing regular facial massage.

The best facial Brisbane services can help you achieve these benefits. Hence, it is important to stress the need to find spa and massage services that offer Kahuna massage New Farm techniques. This will guarantee that you not only reap the benefits of a good facial massage, but also to make your skin look younger naturally.

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